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Synthesis of Benzaldehyde via Persulfate oxidationDissolve 185 g of ammonium persulfate in a minimal amount of water. Add 85 mL of benzyl alcohol to 3-neck round bottom flask and then 100 mL of water. Pour the persulfate solution to an addition funnel, also, attach and thermometer and reflux condens…90%15.02.2019 01:44:55
36,6 g potassium iodide and 20 mls water are placed into a 100 ml FBF and plugged w/a 2-hole stopper.One hole of the stopper is fitted w/a distillation condenser (end immersed into a beaker w/cold water) and into the other is stuck a plastic syringe (SWIA doesn't have a pressure-equalized addition f…77%15.02.2019 14:59:56
110g hydroquinone (1mol)450ml CH3OH150g KOH (2.7 mol)412g NaBr (4mol)300ml H2O250ml CH3OH (5mol)230ml 93% H2SO4 (4mol)In a 1L RBF flask equipped with a dropping funnel and set up for distillation, methanol and sulfuric acid were slowly mixed together with cooling, and dropped onto a boiling (saturat…83%17.02.2019 11:59:14
100 ml of absolute ethyl alcohol is placed in a ice cooled flask with a black light 10cm away from the flask irradiating it with Ultraviolet light. to the flask a bubbler is added to which a current of dry chlorine gas is passed by maintaining the temperature below 10° C. The chlorine is quickly abs…Not specified22.02.2019 10:57:38
A reflux apparatus with is set up and filled with 150 mL of anhydrous ethanol, a slow addition of 60 mL of concentrated sulfuric acid is then started and heat at reflux for 1 h, without exceeding 140°C. Subsequently, the mixture is poured into 750 mL of water and the mixture is neutralized with calc…Not specified23.02.2019 14:17:49